East Texas Square and Round Dance Association

2020-2021 Visitation Schedule


       July 16                         Dogwood Squares                                Grapeland Texas


       August 1                      Rambling Roses                                    CANCELLED

       August 26                     Dynamite Squares                                CANCELLED


      September 19             Guys n' Dolls                                          Odd Fellows Lodge, New Boston

                                                                                                           1st Quarterly ETSRDA meeting @  4:00 pm


     September 25             Single Hinges                                        Kilgore Community House       


      October 3                     Four State Squares                              Odd Fellows Lodge, New Boston


      October 9-10               TSFSRD Presidents Meeting               San Angelo, Texas


     October 19                   Mineola Railers                                     American Legion Hall, Mineola TX


     October 31                   ETSRDA Teen Scholarship Dance       American Legion Hall, Mineola TX


     November 10               Ayers Pairs                                            Tim & Sonny's Place, Glenwood


     November 29th           Toys for Tots Dance                               American Legion Hall, Mineola  TX


     December 12               Good Times Ltd                                     Mt Pleasant, Texas                                                                                                                                                                 2nd Quarterly ETSRDA meeting  @ 4:00 pm


    January 15-17             TSFSRD Nominating Meeting               San Antonio, Texas


    January 23                   Yam Jammers                                        Tim & Sonny's Place, Glenwood 


    February 19                 Pea Pickers & Single Peas                 Henderson Co. Sr Citizen Bldg,  Athens 


    March 5-7                    TSFSRD Conclave Meeting                    Houston, Texas


    March 20                     Jacks n' Jills                                           1st United Methodist Church, Jacksonville                                                                                                              3rd Quarterly ETSRDA Meeting  @ 4:00


    March 26-27                ETSRDA Spring Festival                       Marshall Convention Center,   Marshall Texas


    April 9                           Red's Rompers                                       Kilgore Community House, Kilgore          


   June 10-13                   Texas State Dance Festival                    Tyler, Texas


   June 26                          Pine Squares                                          Angelina Co Senior Center, Lufkin  Texas

                                                                                                            4th Quarterly ETSRDA meeting @ 4:00




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