East Texas Square and Round Dance Association

2020-2021 Visitation Schedule



     November 29th           Toys for Tots Dance                               American Legion Hall, Mineola  TX


     December 12               Good Times Ltd                                     Mt Pleasant, Texas                                                                                                                                                                 2nd Quarterly ETSRDA meeting  @ 4:00 pm


    January 15-17             TSFSRD Nominating Meeting               San Antonio, Texas


    January 23                   Yam Jammers                                        Tim & Sonny's Place, Glenwood 


    February 19                 Pea Pickers & Single Peas                 Henderson Co. Sr Citizen Bldg,  Athens 


    March 5-7                    TSFSRD Conclave Meeting                    Houston, Texas


    March 20                     Jacks n' Jills                                           1st United Methodist Church, Jacksonville                                                                                                              3rd Quarterly ETSRDA Meeting  @ 4:00


    March 26-27                ETSRDA Spring Festival                       Marshall Convention Center,   Marshall Texas


    April 9                           Red's Rompers                                       Kilgore Community House, Kilgore          


   June 10-13                   Texas State Dance Festival                    Tyler, Texas


   June 26                          Pine Squares                                          Angelina Co Senior Center, Lufkin  Texas

                                                                                                            4th Quarterly ETSRDA meeting @ 4:00




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