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 The “Traveling Yellow Rockers” Friendship Badge program was developed to encourage dancers to dance around East Texas by visiting other clubs.  This page recognizes those that travel to other ETSRDA club dances to enjoy and support the activity of Square & Round Dancing.  Any member of any ETSRDA Club is eligible to participate.  Please contact the president of your club or our Friendship Director, Charlene Greathouse (903) 297-9718.

The first tier requires you to attend 10 ETSRDA clubs not counting your own club.  Completing the first ten gets you a 'Traveling Yellow Rockers' badge and then you earn a dangle for each of the next 3 sets of 10 club dances you attend. Monthly night dances and any special dances can be counted, as long as they are hosted by ETSRDA member clubs.   You will receive complete details about the program when you get your Friendship Badge book.

Top 75 Visiting “Traveling Yellow Rockers”  as of Sept 2019

  750-----Jim & Gwyn Haynes (Dynamite Sqs)

  600-----Howard & Sandra Rowan (Mineola Railers)
  550-----Mack & Betty Gore (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)  

  500-----Alvin & Nell Settle (Pine Sqs) 

  500-----Lou Ann Swallows (Dynamite Sqs)

  500-----Betty & Mack Gore (Pea Pickers) 

  475-----John Swallows (Dynamite Sqs)

  450-----Mack & Betty Gore (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

  400-----Wayne & Martha Patton (Jacks 'N Jills)

  350-----Tom & Teresa Prien (Lucky Squares)

  375-----Howard & Sandra Rowan (Lucky Squares)

  325-----James & Janice Manning (Rambling Roses)

  275-----Dave Conner (Single Hinge)  

  275-----Wayne Patton (Jacks 'N Jills) 

  250-----Clifford & Fran Scott (Lucky Sqs)  

​​  225-----Gayla & Jenny White (Jacks 'n Jills) 

  200-----Harry Zaiontz (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

  200-----Mae McKeating-Mullins (Single Hinge) 

  200-----Kathy Goodwin (Single Hinge)

  200-----Harry Zaiontz (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

  200-----Kathy Goodwin (Single Hinges)

  175-----Barbara Neighbors (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

  175-----Deborah Susik (Single Hinges)
  175-----Dick & Pat Cawley (Rambling Roses)

  150-----George Clair (Jacks 'n Jills)   

  150-----Margaret Lehr (Good Tims Ltd.) 

  125-----Bobby & Lisa Louise Moser (Rambling Roses)

  125-----Colleen Fulton (Jacks 'n Jills)
  125-----Sue Casey (Rambling Roses)   

  100-----Jackie Shackley (Dogwood Squares)
  100-----Vanessa Bryant (Lucky Squares)
  100-----Kenny Bryant (Lucky Squares)

  100-----Mark Jauch (Rambling Roses) 

  100-----Elton Arnold (Lufkin Pine Squares)

  100-----Bobby & Lisa Louise Moser (Rambling Roses)

  100-----Wanda Haboush (Lufkin Pine Squares)

  100-----Wanda Baker (Lufkin Pine Squares)     

    75-----Judy Johnson-Russell (Dynamite Squares)

    75-----Rick Lehr (Dynamite Squares)

    75-----Gail Stevenson (Jacks ‘n Jill’s) 

    75-----Bob & Wendy Baker (Lufkin Pine Squares) 

    75-----Michael & Diane West (Jacks n' Jills)

    75-----Donna McEwen (Jacks 'n Jills) 

    75-----David & Mary Fernandez (Jacks & Jills)

    50-----Michael & Diane West (Jacks & Jills)

    50-----Jerold & Sylvia Jordan (Four States Squares)

    50-----Louise Killion (Mineola Railers)     

    50-----Leona Bruce (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

    50-----David & Mary Fernandez (Jacks & Jills)  

    50-----Sheri Jones Waldo (Dogwood Squares) 

    50-----Brenda Hudson (Rambling Roses)

    40-----Mary & Keith Shelby (Four States Squares)

    40-----Rick Lehr

    40-----Charles & Debbie Ray (Barn Stompers) 

    40-----Dorthy Morgan (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

    40-----Lovil Hudson (Rambling Roses)

    40-----Mark Jauch (Rambling Roses)

    40-----Chris & Wayne Carter (Rambling Roses)

    40-----Jerold & Sylvia Jordan (Four States Squares)

    40-----Marva Acker (Jacks & Jills)

    30-----Gary & Connie Brewster (Yam Jammers)

    30-----Gail Stevenson (Jack 'N Jills)

    30-----Leona Bruce (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)

    30-----Susie Goal (Single Hinge)

    30-----Elizabeth Arnold (Lufkin Pine Squares)    

    30-----Tinker Munke (Good Times Ltd.) 

    30-----Judy Johnson-Russell (Good Times, Ltd.) 

    30-----Shelly & Mike Whitehurst (Guys & Dolls)   

    20-----Diana Musella (Pea Pickers & Single Peas)  

    20-----Gary & Linda Carlile (Four States Squares)    

    20-----Bonnie & Jack Porbeck (Jacks & Jills)

    20-----Audra Hill (Dogwood Squares)




 Club award for visitations
  175------Lucky Squares SD Club Friendship Dangle
    50------Rambling Roses SD Club friendship Dangle
  100------Pea Pickers & Single Pea SD Club friendship Dangle
  100------Jacks 'n Jills SD Club friendship Dangle






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