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Video Square Dance Lessons Online This is a SPECIAL LINK to a great website and to videos of Mainstream and Plus Square Dance calls. It has videos that show all the calls, so the call can be reviewed before, during, or after one has taken lessons. It is an excellent tool to supplement the teaching of calls during a set of lessons or to review calls one may have a problem with. Larry Kraber, the caller on the videos, does an excellent job in this series. DVD's can be ordered for both the Mainstream and Plus set of calls.


A/C SqDance Home:  For those wanting info about Plus, A & C levels in Texas and surrounding states.


CallerLab:  Exists to improve square dancing: To recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity.


Dance With Sam:  Information source for square dancing and square dance lessons in the central and south-central areas of Texas.



Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM: The premier square and round dance site.



Where'sTheDance: Great site for dances near and far.

Traveling hoedowners:  Helping people With Mainstream and Plus moves.  Also plenty of other good Square Dance info.


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