2019-2020 Square Dancers of the Year

Martha & Wayne Patton

2019-2020 ETSRDA Rookies of the Year

Rambling Roses Roaring 20's Dance January 2020

Tim Tyl: Mr Zoot Suit                                            Tim and the Roaring 20's ladies                                                 Tinker and Bruce

Mineola Railers 4th Birthday Bash      January 2020

ETSRDA Visitation         Jan 2020

Single Hinges Mardi Gras Dance 2020

ETSRDA 2020 Spring Festival

2020 Texas State Festival


at Federation Presidents meeting Oct 2020

ETSRDA 2nd Quarterly Meeting  Dec 2020


Tim Tyl, Jan Toms, Joey Duhamel

Mineola Railers New Years Eve Dance Jan 2021

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